Join Richard as he expounds upon 12 Biblical texts that confirm God will indeed save all mankind and reconcile all in heaven and earth to Himself. This course presents God for Who He is: The Savior of the World. The purpose of this course is simply to present the evidence that supports this position. This course will give you a solid foundation from which to examine the rest of the Scriptures on this important subject. The course consists of 14 sections which you can fit into your own schedule as you see fit.

Irrefutable Evidence of Universal Reconciliation Course

Few people know God has a purpose in creation, and fewer still realize He is working out a perfect plan to accomplish it. We cannot tell what God’s purpose is by looking at the world around us now, but His Word declares it clearly and explains exactly where we are in God’s plan. If you have questions about why God created the heavens and the earth and what the ultimate outcome of His workings will be, this course if for you.

  • Colossians 1:20 – And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

One of the hottest debates in the Christian community is over what will happen to unredeemed man at death. Since the inception of the human race, a staggering 90% are estimated to have died faithless. This is a very important debate and the implications are massive. Just about everyone knows friends and relatives who have died without knowing the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. What will become of them is a question that should be asked, and one that deserves a solid answer.

I recently counted 84 books on Amazon.com that deal with this important subject in various ways. The majority of them approach the subject from a consideration of the nature of God and what men think about His relationship to the created order.  What we think and how we understand the implications of one view or another does not really matter. Equally sincere and wise people can come up with completely different conclusions when what they believe and why they believe it is based on personal thought.

The sad part is that very few of these works honestly and fully investigate what the Scriptures say about this subject. It’s what the Scriptures themselves say that’s important. Only the Word of God states the truth from God Himself. But then we again run into problems in interpretation. It’s very easy to find individual verses that support one’s own opinion, and concentrate on those verses while disregarding all others that refute that position. This cherry-picking of verses is no guarantee for truth. You can find verses in the Bible say just about anything you want when you conduct “research” in this manner. We must consider all the verses about a subject before we come to any conclusion.

My own position on this subject changed when I fully examined the evidence the Word of God presents. You can tell from the title that I believe the Word of God teaches Universal Reconciliation. I believe God will save the entire creation and will become “All in all.” In this short work, I will present the irrefutable proof, direct from the Word of God, that supports this position.

By partaking in this study, you will benefit in the following ways.

  • You will come to better know and understand God, Who truly is the Sovereign God of Love, Wisdom and Power.
  • You’ll get a better grasp of the scope of Christ’s accomplishment on the cross for the glory of God and the salvation of the universe.
  • Finally, you’ll see yourself in God’s plan more clearly.
  • This will cause growth from within you in faith, hope and love, the three principal character traits we aspire to grow into now.

In this course, Richard expounds upon 12 Biblical texts that prove without any doubt that God will indeed save all mankind and will reconcile all in heaven and all in earth unto Himself through the cross of Christ. No emphasis is placed on dealing with Scriptures used to refute the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation because the purpose of this course is simply to present evidence that supports it. Those Scriptures definitely need to be examined and considered to see how God’s Word fits together without contradiction, but that work is done in the three volume series, “Unto Perfection: Correcting and Adjusting Doctrine to Agree with God’s Word.” Those three volumes are available for download from the LiveFaith.TV site.

If you have never considered this subject before, or if you already have specific beliefs regarding it whether positive or negative, I encourage you to take this course and let God’s Word decide for you whether it has Scriptural merit or not. Too often we let traditional teachings cloud our understanding when looking at new material. Richard’s motto is to let the Word speak for itself. In this course you will learn how to let God’s Word interpret itself to you, so you can be safe from bringing extraneous ideas into the picture. No matter what your view may be, the Scriptures Richard discusses in this course have to be considered as well — they cannot be conveniently ignored.

Dive into God’s Word with Richard and decide for yourself: “What will happen to unredeemed man at death?


Course Curriculum

IPUR-1 Introduction to Irrefutable Reconciliation Details 00:00:15
IPUR-1 Quiz 3 days
IPUR-2 Every Knee will Bow and Every Tongue Confess that Jesus is Lord Details 00:00:00
IPUR-2 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-3 Colossians 1:20 Proves God will Reconcile All of His Creation Details 00:00:00
IPUR-3 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-4 The Wages of Sin is Death – Not Eternal Torment and Not Annihilation Details 00:00:00
IPUR-4 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-5 I Timothy 4:9-11 Proves God will Save All Mankind Details 00:00:00
IPUR-5 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-6 I Timothy 2:3-6 Teaches Us God’s Will Concerning the Salvation of All Details 00:00:00
IPUR-6 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-7 I John 2:2 Declares Christ Paid for the Sins of the Whole World Details 00:00:00
IPUR-7 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-8 Jesus Is the Savior of the World Details 00:00:00
IPUR-8 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-9 Jesus Will Draw All Mankind unto Himself Details 00:00:00
IPUR-9 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-10 Romans 5:12-19 Teaches All Mankind Will Be Justified Details 00:00:00
IPUR-10 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-11 All Israel Shall Be Saved Details 00:00:00
IPUR-11 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-12 God Has Concluded All in Unbelief that He Might Have Mercy Upon All Details 00:00:00
IPUR-12 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-13 The Consummation of All Things: God All in All Details 00:00:00
IPUR-13 Quiz 00:00:00
IPUR-14 Irrefutable Proof of Universal Reconciliation: Final Session Details 00:00:00
IPUR-14-3 Quiz 00:00:00
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