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The Story of Dives:  The Rich Man and Lazarus
Teaches what this parable — yes, it is a parable — is really about.

Timeline of the End-Times Biblical Sequence
Presents the timeline Christ through the Consummation.

The Postponement of Judgment
Answers the Question, “Is God Judging now?”

Basic Principles of Biblical Research
Learn the fundamental skills necessary to allow God’s Word to interpret itself to you.

How to Eliminate Apparent Contradictions — Part 1: Matthew 25:46 and Colossians 1:20 
Is God going to reconcile all in heaven and earth to Himself, or destroy 80-90% of His creation?

God’s Remedy for Sin

Find out what God’s remedy for sin is — you may be surprised!

Why Did God Wait Some 4000 Years to Birth Jesus?
I asked this question for years and the Lord gave me the understanding.

Three Views of God’s Sentencing of Unredeemed Man
Which is right? All three are in modern Bibles — Eternal Torment (or Damnation), Annihilation or complete reconciliation? 

How to Guard our Spiritual Unity
Learn the 7 points that unify us spiritually so we an uphold them in our day and time.

Man’s Self-Determination
A discussion about man’s free will vs. God’s will. Which is stronger?

God’s Adversary: The Personification of Evil
Most people think the devil was perfect and became imperfect. Is this true?

God’s Purpose in Creation Revealed (Chart Only)
A simple illustration that displays why God created the heavens and the earth

Why Did Jesus Have to Die? (Chart Only)
I get asked this question quite often. I made a chart to give the answer visually.

The Second Kingdom Commission
This is called “The Great Commission” but when is this commission to be carried out? Now or during Christ’s Millennial Kingdom?

Evidence of the Corruption of the Baptismal Formula in Matthew 28:19
A compilation of ancient references bearing witness to the corrupted “baptismal formula” in this verse.

Biblical Proof That The Dead Are Indeed Dead
Is death life in a different form, or is it the loss and subsequent absence of life?

The Apostle Paul’s Four Ministries (Chart)
The apostle Paul went “from glory to glory” in his service to the saints. This chart depicts the four phases of his ministries.

The Overall Structure of the Church Epistles (and When They Were Written)
Understanding when each of the epistles was written will help you let the Word of God interpret itself to you.

Patterns in the Pauline Epistles
Use this chart to quickly find content in the Pauline Epistles.

The Bride and the Body of Christ

Is the body of Christ the Bride? Find out in this in-depth discussion.

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