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An Introduction to God’s Word Come take a detailed look into God’s Word to see what it’s all about. An Introduction to God’s Word examines the body of books we call the Bible to learn what it says about itself and how it applies to the human experience. It answers vital questions such as, “How did we get the Word of God?” “What is truth?” “What is error?” “Can the Word of God trusted or not?” How does the Bible relate to me and my life?” We’ll look at the predictive writings called prophecies and whether they come to pass or not. We’ll consider the examples given in the Word of God of those who believed it and those who did not, and how their beliefs affected them and those around them. We also look at some of the common misconceptions about God’s Word and consider their relevancy. The Bible contains thousands of promises made by God Himself; we’ll learn about those as well. Finally, we’ll look at the entire scope of the Bible with a short summary of each of the books it contains. By the end of this course, you will have a better, more thorough overview of the Bible, which will enable you to decide for yourself if it is what it claims to be. Those who already believe it to be the Word of Truth will have a fuller understanding of its scope and its purpose. An Introduction to God’s Word is presented by Richard Allen Golko, a workman of God’s Word for over 35 years. Richard is just a person like anyone else who decided to study God’s Word. He used existing study aids available to anyone today. He boldly and skillfully shares what he has learned to people who want to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of God’s Word and the God who authored it.

God spoke and it came to pass. God still speaks and what He says will always come to pass. One of the greatest witness that God’s Word is true is the hundreds of prophesies that have already been fulfilled. Over 300 prophesies in what we call the Old Testament were fulfilled during the period when God’s son Jesus walked this earth. Just as those crystal clear prophesies of God’s Word came to pass, so too shall the hundreds of other prophesies yet to be fulfilled. Nothing can stop them from being fulfilled because God is the One who will ensure they will be fulfilled. In this first course, God’s Word is the subject. We’re putting God first, as we always should be doing. God gave His Word and He gave it for a reason. We’ll explore that reason. God speaks to us directly through His Word. He’s not a distant God who doesn’t care about His creatures, He loves us and wants to communicate with us. We’ll take a look at why He chose words as His primary way of doing that. We’re going to explore God’s Word in layers as we go through this course. When you first read God’s Word you begin to gain an understanding of the various things it talks about. But as you read it more, you start connecting sections and subjects for a deeper understanding and realization. Layer by layer, God reveals Himself and His plan to you. I invite you to join me in exploring God’s Word, word by word, line by line, section by section and subject by subject. We’ll start with a simple survey of what God says about His Word, then we’ll dig deeper into and deeper into what He says so we can know, without a doubt, what God has revealed to us. The secret things of God belong to Him, but those things He has revealed to us are ours and our children’s for the eons. He has revealed so much that we can spend a lifetime learning from Him.  It is up to us to search these things out, and He helps us all the way, step by step. Those whom He has called by His name will hear and rejoice at what He says. Many people over the ages have argued and disputed the authenticity of God’s Word. Some say that what is called God’s Word is just a collection of writings by ordinary men. They claim it’s full of errors and contradictions and cannot be trusted. It’s the author’s experience that people with such claims have never studied it in much depth. Such claims are unfounded and full of errors of logic. They pick a verse here and a verse there that seem to contradict each other and say, “See, the Bible is full of myths and inconsistencies!” But taking the time to work through those inconsistencies reveals a completely different picture. Careful study of God’s Word only reveals its inherent perfection and exposes man’s ignorance. Learning God’s Word can be compared to a light on a dimmer switch. The light gets brighter and brighter as you turn the knob in the right direction. As you begin to read God’s Word you perceive a dim bit of light, but as you continue to study it and gain more depth, God enlightens you more and more. With the support of the many very clear scriptures, those that seem harder become easier to understand. By digging deeper, those scriptures that seem to contradict other scriptures fall into place. We’re going to study God’s Word together until the spiritual light it radiates is so bright you’ll realize how much you missed about life itself without the knowledge it teaches. Those who don’t know God’s Word are in total spiritual darkness. Those who know some of God’s Word see a little. But those who dwell in God’s Word dwell in God’s light and can better perceive how bright that light is. God is the Father of lights and there is no darkness in Him. Let Him radiate His light to you through the knowledge of His Word. We’re going to begin by surveying the scriptures that talk about God’s Word itself. This is God’s Word’s testimony of itself. There are a vast number of verses that talk about God’s Word and they can be found throughout its contents. We’ll see a consistency, a congruity in God’s Word that becomes clearer and clearer as we progress. We’ll explore how we got God’s Word and how it’s been preserved through the ages. Yes, there are still many mistranslations that can be found in any version in extent, but those words are recoverable with all the research that has already been done through the centuries. Next we’ll answer the paramount question, “What is Truth?” That’s the question Pilate asked Jesus when Jesus stood before him for questioning. It’s the same question that has perplexed man for ages. This section of this course is especially important today when truth is being challenged from all sides. We’ll look at the nature of truth and where it can be found. Then we’ll consider the opposite, “What is Error?” so that we might avoid being ensnared by it. Some of the most wide-spread errors today will be briefly discussed. We’ll expose the source of error, how it masquerades as truth and how to guard ourselves against it. God expects us to believe His Word. We’ll look at some of those mentioned in God’s Word who believed God’s Word and the benefits, or blessings, they received. Then we’ll look at some of those who did not believe, and the consequences of their unbelief. We’ll investigate the relationship between knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Knowledge forms the foundation, and understanding is the essence of all learning. We have not learned if we do not understand what it was we were learning. We want to understand what God says so we can be the people He wants us to be.  Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom is the proper application of the knowledge we understand. We’ll see what God’s Word says about wisdom and how to get it. We also want to understand what’s going on in the world around us. How you look at the world and how you act proceeds from what is called your “World View.” God’s Word presents the accurate view of the world as God, Who sees all, sees it. The more understanding you get from God through His Word, the better you will understand society at large and the wiser you will be in your actions. The foretelling kind of prophecy in God’s Word is astounding. We’ll look at Scripture written thousands of years before Jesus was born and see how he fulfilled over 300 predictions in his lifetime on earth alone. This is perhaps the most convincing proof that the Bible is what it says it is, so let’s see if those things did in fact occur as they were foretold. We’ll look at prophecy yet unfulfilled and see history written in advance. There are hundreds of promises in God’s Word which He gave to encourage us in the present evil day. He knows our frame, and He knows it’s hard it is for us “down here,” in many different aspects.  To counter this, He’s given us precious promises that will help us throughout our life journey. Once you store God’s promises in your heart and believe them, nothing in this world can have as far-reaching an effect on you as they might have had before. God’s promises help you overcome this world and the things in it, and we’ll look closely at many of those promises. We’ll explore some of the common misconceptions about God’s Word that exist today, and we’ll see if any of those arguments stand up to the scrutiny of God’s Word. I’m not going to get into this from an inside the Bible doctrinal standpoint, but from the unbelieving, outside the Bible point of view. Are those accusations leveled against the Word of God true or are they just ignorant attacks? We’ll find out in this course. Before we finish, we’ll take hundreds of verses in God’s Word that talk about itself and arrange them in topics. This will help to engrave God’s Word into your heart as you see the same messages being relayed over and over again throughout God’s Word, from different books and different writers. Soon you too will be rejoicing with the men of God of old in the praise of God for His perfect Word. It’s my goal that by the time you finish this course, you’ll have enough information to decide for yourself whether God’s Word is what it says it is, or whether it’s a collection of writings by men, full of contradictions and myths. The choice will be yours, but at least you’ll have a clearer understanding of what God’s Word actually says before you pass your judgement on it. I want to emphasize the extreme importance of the subject we are about to study. If God’s Word is what it says it is, and you reject it, are you willing to accept the consequences it lays out for those who reject it? We’ll explore what those consequences are as we delve into the scriptures. But if God’s Word is what He says it is, are you willing to forego the blessings it promises to those who believe it? We’ll explore those many and rich blessings as well. I don’t ask these questions to frighten you, but to challenge you. How can you pass judgement on something you know nothing or just a little about? How can you decide if God’s Word is true or not if you’ve never studied in depth what it says? That would be like a deaf person saying they don’t like a song they have never heard. It would be like someone saying they hate the taste of something they have never tasted. Only a fool would say such things. Don’t be foolish, take the time to learn what God’s Word says before you take someone else’s opinion of it. Let me share a personal experience that illustrates what I’m trying to communicate. As a young child I swore I hated strawberries. I had never tasted a strawberry and I refused to taste them. I just didn’t like the way they looked. I didn’t like the little fuzzy pointy things on them.  But when I got older, I tasted a piece of pie I didn’t know was a strawberry pie. I saw it had something red in it, and I was hungry so I tried it. I absolutely loved it. My mother told me it was a strawberry pie. Then I thought of all those years I could have been eating strawberries fresh out of my mother’s garden and I realized how foolish I had been. I invite you to taste God’s Word for yourself and see how it appeals to you. Taste the milk of God’s Word for yourself before you make a rash, unqualified decision. I’ll do my best, with God’s help, to set before you God’s Word of truth. It’s up to you to use your own judgement to make your own decision. At least you’ll have the information you need to make such an important decision. What do you have to lose?  A little time? A little dedicated work of concentration? I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Even if you then reject God’s Word, at least you’ll know you’re doing it based on enough factual information to make that decision. But I have confidence in God that His Word does not go out void. It will accomplish that to which it is sent. Those He has called have ears to hear and I pray you are one of those. Come see for yourself. I want you to know that I never want or expect anyone to believe what I say just because I say it. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, only God can do that. I’m merely trying to persuade you to take a good, honest look. I have recorded an introduction of myself for those who don’t know me. You’ll find it on In it I rightly say I am nothing in and of myself. God’s Word stands on its own and what I know, I know only because God has revealed it to me through His Word. Through careful, dedicated study for over 35 years, God has taught me everything I know and He continues to do so. You need to base what you believe strictly and solely on what God says in His Word. I am only a messenger and I stand before God humbly and meekly, presenting His Word to you to the best of my God given ability. I am always totally open to learn more, and to change what I believe when I see sufficient evidence in God’s Word itself to do so. That’s the only way I’ve accumulated the knowledge I have and I do readily admit I have much more to learn. Nobody; I say nobody knows God’s Word like he or she should. I learn as I go and I urge you to do the same, comparing scripture with scripture, line upon line, here a little, there a little until it all fits as perfectly as it is. With this introduction, let’s begin our study of God’s magnificent Word – His Word which he magnified above His name. Let us begin with meekness and humility to honesty study God’s Word of truth.

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