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Richard’s Books

These books are brought to you by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. My goal is to illuminate God’s written Word on the subjects covered for your growth and edification. If these works help you understand God’s Word better, and if you have the means, consider supporting Live Faith Ministries. 


All funds are used to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Secret held by God for the generations of the eons. — Richard Allen Golko

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Faith Hope and Love book by Golko -- free download

Faith, Hope and Love: 
But the Greatest of These is Love

Inside this book, Richard expounds upon faith, hope and love. The source
of all these is, of course, God Almighty. He freely gives all three of these to
those who seek Him.

You were called to fellowship with God, our Lord
Jesus Christ and others in the family of God. Faith, hope and love are the
guiding principles that govern your conduct and growth in the body of Christ.
Learn how to increase in all three to the end that you conform your own
thinking and actions to Christ Jesus.

Faith enables you to do that which you could not do on your own.
Hope increases your ability to endure the hardships of this world.
Love energizes both your faith and hope and makes life worth living.

Find out how to abound in all three: Faith, Hope and Love!
Get Faith, Hope and Love

The Definitive Answer
to the Most Asked Question in Life

Find out why you exist!
Read this book in 10 minutes!

Get Why

“Unto Perfection” Series

Correcting and Adjusting Doctrine to Agree with God’s Word

This is a 3-Volume series that is corrective in nature, to get people back to the rightly-divided Word of God.
Read the volumes in order for the best learning experience.

Volume 1:

What the Word of God Says About Life, Death and Life Beyond Death

Find out what the Word of God Says about: 


·        What the “death state” is

·        What “resurrection” is

·        Who the only one is who has immortal life now

·        Why death is a necessary, but only temporary part of God’s glorious plan to  create man in His own image, even as Christ is now

Tradition, based only on faulty human philosophy, mythology and shoddy translation work, has totally distorted what God’s Word plainly teaches about life, dying, death, and what the death state is. Instead of understanding death for what it is in truth, wild imaginations gave birth to grotesque doctrines of “the afterlife” that prevail to this day. This book is a return to God’s written Word as the sole source for both faith and practice on this most important subject. The truth shall make you free.

Get What the Word of God Says About Life, Death and Life Beyond Death

Volume 2:

What the Word of God Says About Salvation:

The Forgiveness of Sins, Conciliation, Justification and Reconciliation

Find out what the Word of God Says about: 

·        Why Jesus had to die

·        The three stages of salvation for those in the body of Christ

·        What the Conciliation is and what it means

·        What the cross of Christ accomplished for all of creation

Salvation is the main subject of the Word of God from Genesis 3:15 all the way through Revelation 22:21. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that we learn exactly what God teaches us about salvation. We must rely on God’s written Word alone, for the Word of God is the sole source of truth and that by which we weigh anyone’s words. 
This book explores the subject of salvation directly from the Word of God. We find that salvation is not an offer, but a command; it is not an invitation, but an announcement. Find out more inside!

Volume 3:

The Purpose of God in Creation:
The Consummation of All Things

In this comprehensive study of God’s purpose and plan in creation, Richard expounds upon a little-known event that completes Christ’s redemptive work. This event is called “The Consummation” in God’s Word. At that final event of The Eonian Times, God will achieve His purpose to be “All in all” His created beings.

With the knowledge of God’s purpose and how He is going about to accomplish it, the mystery surrounding God is revealed. Most Christians are unaware of the Consummation because knowledge of it was lost as early as 100 A.D. Richard brings it back to life in all its glory in this detailed book.

Get God’s Purpose in Creation PDF

Irrefutable Proof of Universal Reconciliation

Learn the Truth They Never Taught You

Inside this truth-restoring book you will find:

·        Why God created the heavens and the earth

·        What Christ Accomplished for the entire creation

·        Why no-one will ever suffer “eternal torment”

·        Why no-one will ever be “annihilated”

·        How God will become All in all His created beings

Are you ready to learn the most glorious truth in the entire Bible?
Join Richard as he expounds upon 12 Biblical texts that prove beyond any doubt that God will indeed save and reconcile the entire creation unto Himself through the blood of Christ’s cross.

If you have shunned God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible because of the horrendous
(and untrue) doctrines of Eternal Torment (or Eternal Damnation) or
Annihilation, this book will restore your solid hope in the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. 

Get Irrefutable Proof PDF

The Eonian Times: Charts

Do you ever wonder what life is all about? 

This is all of humanity’s age-old question. We find ourselves in a world of confusion, war, crime, domestic unrest and changing morals.  In the midst of it all, we live, we work, we and we play. But why are we here?

·        If there is a God, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?

·        If God is Almighty, why is there a devil, and why doesn’t God just take him out?

·        If God is all wise, what is His plan, and how does the current state of affairs fit with it?

·        Am I in God’s plan? If so, where, and what does God expect of me?

All such heart-felt questions are answered once you know what God’s purpose is in creation, and what His plan is for accomplishing it. You will see crystal clear exactly where we are in God’s plan, how we got here, and why. You’ll know with certainty what God has in store, not only for those who believe now, but for the entire creation.

This book charts God’s plan from conception all the way through its successful completion. This book accompanies Richard’s book, “God’s Purpose in Creation: The Consummation of All Things,” available on this page.

 Get The Eonian Time Charts PDF

The Rapture of the Saints:  True or False?

Some say the Rapture is a recent theological development that cannot be found in the Bible.

Is this statement TRUE or FALSE?
Find out, definitively, in this book by Richard.

All the pertinent Scriptures are consulted in arriving at the obvious conclusion that YES!
Christ will rapture the body of Christ
BEFORE he returns to the earth for Israel!

Find out why this is the only acceptable “view” in Scripture.

The Great White Throne
and the Extermination of Sin

Find out what happens at the final judgment of humankind!

We’ve all heard about the “day of reckoning,” but is what we’ve heard true?
Richard says, “The only way to learn the truth about any Biblical subject is to let God’s Word speak for itself.  That’s why it’s called The Word of Truth.”

Join Richard as he consults God’s Word, in detail, on what The Great White Throne Judgment will be like. The following questions are answered within the pages of this timely book:

·        Why is the Great White Throne Judgment Necessary?

·        When Will the Judgment Take Place?

·        Who Will Be Judged?

·        What Will the Judgment Throne Be Like?

·        Who Will Judge?

·        What Standard Will Be Used to Judge?

·        What Will People Be Judged For?

·        What Are the Sentencing Guidelines?

·        What Evidence Will Be Presented?

·        How Might the Judgment Proceed?

·        What Will the Final Outcome Be?

This book will help you clear up the confusion in your own mind regarding the final judgment of humankind. Do you know people who do not believe Jesus is Lord?  Find out what they will experience at The Great White Throne, and for all of eternity.

Get the Great White Throne PDF

The Secret of Christ Revealed

In the book of Acts, God reoffered the Kingdom to Israel, but they rejected it. Because of this, Israel’s Kingdom has been held in abeyance “until the full complement of the Gentiles comes in. (Romans 10:25)”

The time period we now live in was never revealed in the Old Testament or in the four gospels. God concealed it.
It’s called “The Administration of the Secret” in God’s Word.

The Word of God presented in this book will thrill your Spirit and your heart as you learn about the transcendent grace and the multifaceted wisdom  of God which is for your glory!

·  Learn the 5 secrets that make up the Secret of Christ.

·  Learn why the church of this present time is totally separate from Israel, with different blessings.

·  Do you believe in Christ and his sacrifice? Find out what God has already done for you, and what is yet to come.

Grow in faith, hope and love with “the good news of the transcendent riches of Christ”

Get the Secret of Christ PDF 

Truthing It in Love:
The Christian’s Handbook for Reaching Out to Others

Discover how to take advantage of the greatest opportunity in your lifetime – your privilege to reach out to others with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Learn the exact message our Lord wants us to share with others

Find out how to prepare for the mission field – whether it is in your own back yard or across the continents

Includes tips on how to reach out to others with different beliefs – Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, Satanists, and even apostatized Christians

Learn how to manage your expectations and how to handle rejection as you represent our Lord Jesus Christ in this world

Learn how to “follow up” on those who respond to your God-given message

Get Truthing It in Love PDF

Between the Gospels:

The Chronicle of Israel’s Apostasy and Gentile Belief

Join Richard for a deep and comprehensive study of the book of Acts. You’ll discover the purpose for which Acts was written as you follow the transition from Law to grace, and from the physical shadows of things to come to the reality of those things they foreshadowed. Acts is a book of transition, but the church at large has not transitioned! This has produced a weak and ineffective church. Come back to God’s Word and discover what really happened in the book of Acts, so you can better understand the church’s blessings, inheritance, and dutiful role today. An Analysis and Supporting Materials section provides a plethora of studies related to the topics that emerge in the book of Acts.

Get Between the Gospels PDF

The Two Gospels

Learn The Differences Between the Two and Which One is For Today

Most of the Christian teaching today miss an important distinction in the Bible. There are two gospels presented in the book of Acts. One was for Israel, the other for the young body of Christ. The apostle Paul said that combining the two into one produces a “perverted gospel.”

We must learn to recognize the distinctions that distinguish these two gospels, and keep distinct those that God has made. That is the only way we can “rightly divide” the Word of God and arrive at the truth specified for today.

Today we have a mixed gospel that combines faith with works, conflates the two inheritances (earth and heaven), and misses God’s overall plan and how He is going about to achieve it. This book will help you learn these things so you can stand on the truth written to you today, stripped of all that God promised to His separate body of chosen people: Israel.

God has given the church unsurpassing, transcendent grace. This book by Richard takes a deep-dive into each of these two gospels, and provides supporting Scripture and additional studies to help you separate and understand each of them. 

Get the Two Gospels

Christian! What Are You Doing Right Now?

Find out What it Says About You.

This book teaches you how to grow as a Christian.

Are you growing spiritually, or do you feel you are in a rut? Do you feel like something is “missing” in your Christian walk

Join Richard as he goes into God’s Word to discover what God has to say about how to become more like Christ in your own life.

In this powerful life-changing book you will discover:

The three steps you must take on a continual basis to ensure consistent spiritual growth

·  What the most common inhibitors of spiritual growth are and how to avoid them

·  How to “put on” the whole panoply of God so that you are protected from spiritual attack

This book is a workbook designed to help you search your heart to uncover anything that is hindering you from growing as a Christian in the body of Christ, and to help you effect the changes necessary to be your best for God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me quote Richard on exactly what this book is about (from Page 17):

“Jesus Christ is “in you” but you have to “let him out!” You must let him live through you. To discover how you are progressing spiritually, you could periodically “examine” yourself. I have prepared two sets of questions, 16 in total, that will help you do exactly that. The first set of six questions deal with your life in general, while the second set of ten focus on your walk with God. The answers you provide will give you an inventory of information which you can compare with God’s Word in the Pauline epistles, to see whether you are “in the faith” or not. All believers are “saved,” but not all walk “in the faith.” Let’s find out where you are in your walk with God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and how you are growing in Christ.”
 – Richard

Get Hey Christian!


Justification: The Unrealized Grace that will Change Your Life

Romans 4:8 – Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.
Many Christians do not realize what Christ accomplished for them.

Are you one of them?

Do you condemn yourself over the things that you do or have done in the past?
Are you afraid of God’s judgment for the mistakes you make?
Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere spiritually?

It’s time you learned about justification!

God already justified you when you first believed in Christ.
Find out what that means in this short but powerful book.

Inside, you’ll meet Sally, a downtrodden Christian. She’s downtrodden because she hasn’t learned the truth about justification in Christ. But by the time the book is finished, Sally has learned and grown. Now she is an uplifted and uplifting believer that reigns in this life with Christ. What changed Sally?  She believes what God’s Word tells her:
God justified her and clothed her with His own righteousness.

The world will tear you down and cause you to think less of yourself than what God has made you to be. Learn the truth about justification and you will start seeing yourself as God sees you.
And what a change that will make in your life! 

The Administrations and Dispensations in God’s Word

Learn the 12 administrations of God’s rule in His dealings with humankind.

“God employs different rules that govern the universe during each of 12 specific periods of time, called “administrations.” God achieves His purpose in creation, which is to be All in all His created beings, through His dealings with mankind through these 12 administrations.

 In this book, Richard passes on the knowledge of the 12 administrations of God’s government.

·  Learn the difference between an “administration” and a “dispensation”

·  Find out which administration we are currently in

·  Discover which administrations have already concluded and which are yet future


“Dispensationalism” has been given a bad name by some of the “great” Biblical critics of our time. Yet God has clearly marked out specific periods of time, in His Word, during which certain “rules” are in effect, and other specific periods of time during which different “rules” are in effect. Clearly, He governs each succeeding administration differently than that which went before.

For example, before the Law was given to Israel, there was no written Law to obey. God dealt with man according to obedience to his written Law during the Law Administration, but not before.

This book will help you get familiar with how God deals with different groups of people at different times, and will help you “rightly divide” God’s Word to allow it to speak for itself on this and related topics. 

If you are not aware of the different administrations in God’s Word, you need to read this book. It will help you distinguish the current administration of God’s rule that is now in effect, and those which are to come.

Get the Administrations and Dispensations in God’s Word!

Topical Study: Walk In the Spirit

This book is part of the Word Exploration Series

This book presents the findings of a topical study on “walk in the Spirit.” The study includes word studies on the words “walk” (Greek “perpepiteo”), “Spirit” (Greek: “pneuma”), “flesh” (Greek, “sarx”) and several Greek prepositions. It shows how to do more complete topical word studies by tracing these words throughout the “New Testament” Scriptures to learn the meanings that God assigns to these words.

Believers have the choice to either continue to “walk in the flesh,” or to be transformed by the renewing of their minds to “walk in the Spirit.” Any believer who wants to grow in faith, hope and love should avail themselves of these study notes for their own spiritual understanding and growth.

Topical Study: Prayer

 Aiteo, Proseuchomai, Deesis, Deomai, Enteuxeis, and Eucharistias

This book is part of the Word Exploration Series

How is your prayer life? Ask any Christian this question and watch as they answer, “I need to pray more…”  Why is this? Why do we not pray “as we ought?” The answer is simple and easy to see – we do not know how to pray or what to pray for!

This book contains “raw data” that you can study on your own, or in a small group, and come to your own conclusions about prayer.

·  Contains all the verses that contain the main Greek words translated “ask” and “pray”

·  Reviews every one of Jesus’ prayers recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

·  Presents every prayer in the book of Acts when God’s servants were actively engaged in service to the saints

·  Covers every prayer by Paul in the epistles he wrote

Let God’s Word help you to learn how to pray, how not to pray, and what to pray for during the current period of time we live in.

Rather than finding a verse here and a verse there, every verse and every example of prayer is considered. By studying every verse of Scripture in the New Testament on the subject of prayer, you can learn all of what God revealed about prayer in His Word of life.

Richard has been studying and researching God’s Word for over 45 years. You can save many years in your own research by using the books in his Word Exploration Series.

This book is ideal for:

·      New believers who want to learn how to pray

·      Mature believers who want to better establish a prayer discipline in their lives

·      Believers who want to teach others how to have an effective prayer life

·      Believers who want to learn how to handle a topical study

·      Believers who want to learn how to do individual word studies on Greek words – without having to know Greek intimately.

Are you accessing the Throne of Grace?

This book will help you to establish a powerful prayer discipline in your life. Prayer is open communication with your Father God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You have bold access to the Throne of Grace through Jesus Christ. Find out how to in this Word Exploration Series book by Richard.

In this book, Richard examines the Scriptures to learn more about “Christian giving and receiving.” Much of today’s teaching on this subject goes against the instruction in God’s Word. Examine “giving and receiving” once again, and see what God’s Word really has to say about it.

This book answers the question, “Are Christians supposed to tithe?”

To answer this question, Richard explores the tithe from before the Law to Jesus Christ. Then he examines Paul’s epistles to see that which is addressed to the present-day church of God.

Learn the significance of why the apostle Paul never uses the word “tithe” once in any of his 13 epistles to the present-day church, which is the body of Christ.

Receive God’s instruction on how to give properly so it pleases Him and helps His people.


This book will show you how to give so that your giving pleases God and increases the fruits of your righteousness.

Get Christian Giving and Receiving

Enjoy and Share!


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