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Richard’s Books

These books are brought to you by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. My goal is to illuminate God’s written Word on the subjects covered for your growth and edification. If these works help you understand God’s Word better, and if you have the means, consider supporting LiveFaith Ministries. There is a donation button below. All funds are used to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Secret held by God for the generations of the eons. — Richard Allen Golko


Why? The Definitive Answer to the Most Asked Question in Life

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“Unto Perfection” Series

Correcting and Adjusting Doctrine to Agree with God’s Word
Volume 1:

What the Word of God Says About Death, Dying and Life After Death

Get-Life, Death, Life Beyond Death PDF

Volume 2:

What the Word of God Says About Salvation:
The Forgiveness of Sins, Conciliation, Justification and Reconciliation

Get Salvation PDF

Volume 3:

The Purpose of God in Creation: The Consummation of All Things

Get God’s Purpose in Creation PDF


Irrefutable Proof of Universal Reconciliation

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The Eonian Times: Charts

Get The Eonian Time Charts PDF

The Great White Throne

Get the Great White Throne PDF


The Secret of Christ

Get the Secret of Christ PDF 

Truthing It in Love

Get Truthing It in Love PDF


Between the Gospels:
The Chronicle of Israel’s Apostasy and Gentile Belief

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Hey Christian! What Are You Doing Right Now?
Find out What it Says About You



Justification: The Unrealized Grace
that will Change Your Life



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