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Basic Principles of Biblical Research

In my studies of God’s Word, I have done my best to follow a consistent set of rules to help me let the Word of God interpret itself to me. Here I present a basic outline of those rules so you too can be more thorough and exact in your study of the Word of God.

The Scripture Cannot Be Broken

The single most important rule in studying the Scriptures was spoken and honored by Jesus himself:

  • John 6:35b – …Scripture cannot be broken…

God wrote His Word to teach us about Himself and His plan for His creation. He did not introduce errors and contradictions into the text. When the Word of God is allowed to interpret itself to us, no section of Scripture contradicts any other section of Scripture. The Scripture cannot be broken. All apparent contradictions can easily be resolved by working the Word of God from the inside out.

The following principles are used to resolve Scripture that seems to contradict other Scripture.

  1. Understand exactly what the words in the verse or section mean, according to their Biblical usage – many, many words are translated inconsistently and incorrectly
  2. Understand the Scripture or section in light of the context in which it appears
    1. Note what period of time the text is set in and discusses
      1. The eon(s) involved
      1. The administration(s) involved
      1. Note specifically who the text is speaking to and who it speaking about
  3. Understand the Scripture in light of the remote context of the entire Word of God
    1. Compare related and unrelated topics in the Word of God to see how it fits
  4. Understand the Scripture In terms of God’s nature of Love and Light

If these principles are followed, you can be sure you are letting God’s Word interpret itself to you.

Take my How to Study God’s Word Course

If you are interested in learning how to apply these principles of biblical research in practice, contact me via the Contact page and let me know you are interested in taking my in-depth course, “How to Study God’s Word.” In it, each of the principles presented above are applied in real-life research scenarios that contribute to the LiveFaith.TV knowledge base which we make available to the general public free of charge.


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