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The Two Gospels

Find out what they are and which one applies today!

Not one, but two gospels were preached in the book of Acts. One was to the Circumcision, which consisted of Israel and proselytes; the other was preached by the apostle Paul to Gentiles. Many are not aware of this, because today the church has for the most part combined the two into one mixed gospel that the apostle Paul would call impure, or as he said, “perverted.”

I wrote a book to make it easier for people to study these two distinct gospels, and it is available at as a free download. It’s called “The Two Gospels.” You can download it here: Look for “The Two Gospels.”

God’s Word is truth. He wrote it to be understood. When He keeps things distinct in His Word, we must keep those things distinct in our thinking, actions and teaching. According to the apostle to the Gentiles (Paul), Israel has been held in abeyance until the fulness of the Gentiles comes in. The prophets spoke of the Messiah coming, defeating Israel’s enemies and then inaugurating his Kingdom. There was no prophecy of an period of time between his coming and the setting up of his Kingdom. This period of time God kept secret, so it was unknown.

During this period of time, unrevealed before, Christ is building the church which is his body. It’s separate from Israel, which has been held in abeyance, and has a different inheritance. Israel shall rule the earth, having the earthly jurisdiction while the church which is the joint-body of Christ will rule the heavens.

The first gospel, the Gospel of the Circumcision was preached by Jesus and the 12 apostles during the 4 accounts of our Lord and by the 12 in the book of Acts. Israel (as a nation) rejected the risen Christ, so God moved to call a people out of the Gentiles for His own name. The start of this new movement was when Paul was severed to go to the Gentiles, the uncircumcision, in Acts 13:1,2. From that time on, Paul preached “the Gospel of the Uncircumcision” to the Gentiles. He still preached the Gospel of the Circumcision to the Jews and proselytes in the synagogue, for Israel had not yet been held in abeyance at that time. But to Gentiles he spoke the Gospel of the Uncircumcision to the Gentiles. The young, new body of Christ began at that time.

You can download this book at’s-books. Study it and learn which gospel is for today, and learn how to separate what belongs to the church from that which belongs to Israel. These two gospels are separate and distinct, and we must keep them that way.

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