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Join Richard to Study the Pauline Epistles!

Open Group Study on The Pauline Epistles

Learn The Truth for Today

The Apostle Paul, writing

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He doesn’t change but his roles and functions change as God’s perfect plan progresses. He came as a servant and laid down his life. He will return as the lion of the tribe of Judah and rule the earth with a rod of iron. On the New Heaven and Earth, he will lay down his rod and rule as the Son of God’s love.

So we see that Jesus has different roles and functions at different times to fulfill God’s purposes. He completed his salvic work on the cross (“it is finished”). He’s doing his redemptive work now, and he will judge when that time, “The Day of the Lord” comes.

In all these roles and functions, Jesus Christ himself never changes.

When I wanted to learn about Jesus, I ran to the gospels where I could see him in action and almost hear him. I did my best to learn and apply his lessons, watched how he presented and represented his Father to people, and I groaned at his sufferings and cried over his crucifixion. I rejoiced at his resurrection and felt like everything had changed, all had become fresh and new.

Most people meet Jesus through what we call “the Four Gospels.” And most of us, unfortunately, stay there our entire lives. We never advance to the greatest revelation ever given to mankind, because we have not been taught the purpose and the value of the Pauline epistles.

Jesus Christ was sent to the Circumcision to confirm the promises God made to the fathers (Romans 15:8). His lessons all concerned Israel, who are called “the Circumcision.” At that time, Gentiles were only “guests of the covenant” and were subservient to Israel. Jesus sent out the 12 and the 70 with specific instructions to not go into the streets of the Gentiles.

Once Israel rejected the risen Christ in the book of Acts, God paused His dealings with Israel and began His work with the Gentiles. This necessitated new instructions for completely different circumstances. That revelation is in the Pauline epistles. I invite you to join me in an open and ongoing study into the Pauline Corpus. We will study each of Paul’s letters in detail to learn exactly what Jesus Christ says to us today, in this day and time.

We will meet online in a video chat twice a week for as long as it takes us to complete all 13 of Paul’s epistles. I am estimating it will take us 12-18 months to delve into the content deeply. In addition, we will look at the rest of the epistles in the New Testament to see how they compare with the Pauline epistles.

Each session will be recorded to enable you to refresh what you learned, and so you can catch up on any sessions you miss. There is no charge to participate in the study, I only ask you to be conscientious to others who participate, and to myself, and that you do your best to learn and contribute to the group. One-on-one help will be provided as needed.

We will publish our findings and make them available free of charge to all who hunger and seek after the truth. We will also give them to those who don’t, to prod them a bit!

Our study began in early August,  (2021) and previous sessions have been recorded to help you catch up. You can join in any time you read this. To register for the study, click the link below and send me your contact details (name, email address and, if you agree to, your telephone number). I will send you complete details on how the study will proceed and how to prepare for it in advance. 

The Pauline epistles present the truth we are to believe and live by today. Paul received his instructions directly from Christ, therefore they are Christ’s communication to us now.

I want you to learn the Pauline epistles so well that you will be able to put what they teach to practice in your own life, and so that you can explain exactly what they teach to others.

Are you in? Click below to send me an email with your name and contact information. I won’t share it with anyone, I promise. I’ll send you complete details.

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