"Unto Perfection" Series

The three books in this series are given to help God's people mature in the faith by learning the vital truths God presents in His Word about life itself, death, resurrection and what's to come. Without these fundamental truths, the greater purpose of God in creation cannot be understood.

This series is called, "Unto Perfection" because the believer's journey with the Lord in accordance with the written Word of God leads to ever-increasing maturity. I suggest you read these books in order for the best learning experience. 


Volume One

What the Word of God Says
About Life, Death, and Life Beyond Death

Life, Death and Life Beyond Death -- Golko

Why Does this Marvelous Miracle Called Life End in Death?

This is one of the most perpelxing questions ever asked. Another is "what happens when you die?" Both these questions have been answered many different ways by various groups and denominations. What is the right view? Can we really know? 

Lief, Death and Life Beyond death answer those questions from the only truly reliable source, the Word of God itself. In this comprehensive book, author Richard Allen Golko explores this subject in detail from the Word of God itself.

You will learn how death entered the human race and when death itself will be destroyed. 

You will learn how God made man and how He describes dying and death in His Word.

You will learn that the only way out of the death state is resurrection.

Supplemental Materials

In addition, the author has supplied over 100 pages of additional studies to help you gain a greater depth and scope of God's Word. Among other topics, Richard discusses most of the verses that seem to contradict other verses on this subject. 

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Volume Two

What the Word of God Says About Salvation: The Forgiveness of Sins, Conciliation, Justification, and Reconciliation

Salvation: The Forgiveness of Sins, Conciliation, Justification, and Reconciliation

What Does Salvation Mean?

In this volume, Richard covers the subject of salvation is extensively. God uses words in a specific way and all the principle words related to salvation are covered in this work. Sharpen your knowledge of what Jesus Christ's crucifixion accomplished for the entire creation.

In this book you will learn what the forgiveness of sins is and how it related to justification.

You'll learn the benefits of justification and what it means to be truly saved.

Supplemental Materials

A Supplemental Materials section is included to show how this subject integrates with the rest of the Word of God.

Join Richard for an uplifting and informative view of what Jesus Christ accomplished at Calvary.

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Volume Three

God's Purpose in Creation:
The Consummation of All Things

God's Purpose in Creation -- Golko

What is Life All About?

In this highly-detailed work, Richard present God's Word's answer to the deepest questions in life. You'll learn what God's purpose is in creating the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. You'll find out about the coming Consummation of all things when God becomes All in all His created beings.

God did not start something that went wrong that He's trying to salvage. Such an idea of God not only degrades Him but leaves all of creation's future uncertain at best. Find out what God's plan is as revealed in His Word of truth and experience the joy that the only Wise God gives.

In this book, you will learn about the "Eonian Times," made of of 5 individual eons. During these Eonian Times, God is working Hiis plan to become "All in all." Learning about God's plan helps us understand why the world is the way it is today and what is gong to happen in the future. 

You'll also learn about the methods God is using to bring about His glorious plan. 

Supplemental Materials

This book is over 250 pages and includes a Supplemental Materials section to help you learn more of God's wonderful Word.


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