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Overview of The Pauline Epistles Study

Overview of How the Pauline Epistles Study Will Proceed

This document sets forth the goals and objectives that will drive our study on the Pauline Corpus. If you have any questions, contact Richard through the Contact Us page.

The Apostle Paul, writing


  1. To glorify Christ Jesus by actively receiving his instruction and applying it.
  2. To enrich each participant’s knowledge, understanding and application of the content in the Pauline epistles.
  3. To produce and publish media that documents what we have learned so others may learn as well.
  4. To equip each participant with valuable Biblical research skills


  1. Place the Pauline epistles in their proper time period and determine the scope of their authority
  2. Study each epistle in the Pauline corpus in depth
    1. Map literary structures
    2. Note dominant themes
    3. Produce charts as needed
    4. Cross-reference quotations and themes
    5. Contrast with previous and other revelation in the Word of God

3. Study each of the “other” epistles; compare and contrast with the Pauline epistles

4. Summarize findings and publish results

How the Study will Proceed

  1. Anyone who wants to participate may
  2. Common courtesy and respect will be expected and enforced by warning and possible removal
  3. We will meet twice per week on YouTube or Facebook (both will be available). Days and times will be announced before the study begins.
  4. Participants are expected to attend each meeting to gain the most out of the study and to provide the most help to other participants during it. This is an interactive study, not a series of lectures. Everybody will participate in various ways.
  5. A recording of each meeting will be posted on the LiveFaith.TV website for those who have missed a meeting as well as for review and further study.
  6. There will be no charge for participating. Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”
  7. The materials produced as a result of this study will remain the property of Richard Allen Golko and will be made freely available to all. All digital material will be hosted and made available at LiveFaith.TV free of charge.

How to Prepare for the Study

Richard wants everyone to begin this group fully ready and “warmed up” so to speak. This section will help you prepare to receive — and to give — the most during the course of this study.

As a participant, you will need:

  1. An open heart willing to learn and grow with God and our Lord Jesus Christ — An attitude of gratitude is always the best way to approach a task, especially Bible study. Be thankful for God’s Word and your God-given ability to learn it.
  2. A Bible — preferably King James or New King James version, but you can use any version you currently have if you cannot obtain one of these. The reason for using the KJV is because it is most familiar to most people and it has a great many necessary study tools keyed to it. The version doesn’t really matter since we will, as necessary, go back into the Greek manuscripts to clarify words and phrases.
  3. A Pen and a Notebook — or some way to record your work as you participate in the study group.
  4. Online access — with a device powerful enough to display live video feeds (such as YouTube videos).
  5. Study outside the meetings — I will speak more about this below.

Richard requests that you read the Pauline epistles twice before this study begins. This will acquaint you with the content and will begin to raise questions you and the group can address. Just read the epistles all the way through. Richard suggests you not take notes or start studying immediately. Get familiar with text of the epistles first. 

Once you have done this. open your Bible to Romans and read it once more. This time, practice the art of observation and make notes as you read. Write down any words or phrases that you want to know more about, or that confuse you (with the verse references). Also jot down any questions that arise as you read. Just do this with Romans unless you have time to do more.

Richard suggests you read the epistles in the following order (you will learn why in the group study):

1) I and II Thessalonians

2) Romans

3) I and II Corinthians

4) Galatians

5) Ephesians

6) Philippians

7) Colossians

Those epistles constitute what is called “the church epistles” because they are written to the Christian church at large.

Then continue with the “Pastoral” or “Personal” epistles:

8) I and II Timothy

9) Titus

10) Philemon

Doing these things will best prepare you for this study. If everyone does these things, we will all start “running” and we will set a good, productive precedence. You only get out of something that which you put into it, so put as much in as you expect to receive from it — and God will do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think according to the power that works within you. Praise God!

How a Typical Week Will Look

We will meet once midweek on Tuesday, and once again on Saturday morning. Each meeting will last about an hour to an hour and a half. At Tuesday’s meeting, we will cover new material, determine the research work that needs to be done, and assign tasks to each participant who wants to contribute to the study. On Saturday, participants will present what they have founds, and we will discuss their findings as a group.

We need to cover an average of two chapters a week in order to conclude this study in a year. It’s a “long haul” but there is a lot of material to cover. It takes time to search out the great truths in God’s Word, and the rewards for doing so are generous and plenteous. Not every week will proceed as I have laid out; for example, many of the study assignments will take more than a week to complete. Richard will lead the group so that it can proceed in the best possible way to achieve the group’s goals and objectives within a reasonable time frame that will not inhibit the work that needs to be done.

One-On-One Help

Help will be provided as needed during the course of this study. Most of this help will be provided directly within the meetings themselves, but in those special circumstances that can arise, Richard will provide one-on-one help through Skype or Facebook Messenger. Please don’t abuse this because time is limited. Counseling help will not be provided. This is a primarily a study group, though I’m sure many solid relationships will form between participants as we proceed.

If You Have Not Done So Yet, Register Now!

Our study will begin in early June of this year (2021). To register for the study, click the link below and send me your contact details (name, email address and, if you agree to, your telephone number). I will confirm your seat by email.

Yes! I want to participate in the Pauline Epistles Study Group!

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