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Open Study Group In Progress

Progress Update

The LiveFaith.TV open study group, led by Richard, has begun! Richard gave participants a presentation on where to place the Pauline Epistles in time. Paul did not write his epistles in a vacuum, but each was written in a specific place and time. Learning when each of the Pauline epistles was written helps us understand the content of each epistle better.

In the first session, we learned which groups of people different parts of the Bible are written to and for, and we learned that the Pauline epistles stand as a complete body separate from any other in the Word of God. These epistles are written directly and are commanded to be applied by the Christian Church that is extant today.

In this presentation, Richard gave an overview of the transitional book of Acts. This is essential in learning how the situation in the “Old Testament and Gospels” where Jews have political and spiritual preference over Gentiles, changed to Jews and Gentiles being equal in the joint-body of Christ.

Although Richard could only give a summary overview of this material, it is thoroughly documented in his book, “Between the Gospels: The Chronicle of Israel’s Apostasy and Gentile Belief” which is available from the Richard’s Books page on LiveFaith.TV. You can download and study it for free.

With this preliminary background information, we will begin to read and examine Paul’s first epistle to the Thessalonians because it is arguably the first epistle Paul wrote to the young body of Christ. We will cover some of the things we will be doing, and assignments will be given to those interested in contributing to the study.

If you have not yet joined the study group, and you want to learn what Christ Jesus, our risen and glorified Lord and Savior says to the church today, sign up using this link: Join our Open Group Study on the Pauline Epistles.

This study group is open to everyone with the desire to learn the Pauline Epistles. You can join in at any time; this study will last at least one year from when it started in early of August 2021. All previous sessions are available on the Group Members’ page: Open Study Group Member Page: Pauline Epistles. Catch up on the sessions you missed as you have time to do so.

November 23, 2021
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