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New Free Course: The Eonian Times at LiveFaith.TV

Recovering What the Church Fails to Teach

Richard at LiveFaith.TV is offering a brand new course on “The Eonian Times” in God’s Word. This course presents information you won’t hear in many churches across the world because the knowledge of the “eons” in God’s Word was lost as early as the first century.

What are “The Eonian Times?” God is executing His plan of salvation over a period of five sequential eons, each of which has a distinct purpose. The culmination of His plan results in God being All in all His beloved creatures — God loses nothing and no-one.

Discover how God is going about achieving His purpose in creation. God has revealed His will to us because He loves us and wants us to know what He is doing. He has not left us clueless. If you are one that believes God is in a spiritual war with the devil, then you need to take this course. The Word of God declares God is in complete control of all things.

You can take this course on YouTube, or you can register at LiveFaith.TV and take it there and receive credits toward a certificate in Biblical knowledge. The course, of course, is free as is all LiveFaith.TV content. We do not merchandise God’s Word. Help yourself to all the study videos and books at

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Register for this course today at! Invite your friends to learn with you!

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