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Meet Richard!

Richard Allen Golko
Richard Allen Golko

Richard’s full name is Richard Allen Golko.  Richard enjoys being outside in the sunshine, swimming and fellowshipping with God’s people. He plays guitar and writes Christian songs, and he’s played at various churches and gatherings over the years.

Richard’s chief passion is studying and teaching God’s Word. God woke him up spiritually in his early twenties, and through a series of events, led him to do a five- day fast to seek His will. Richard found himself in a class on Biblical research on the fifth night of his fast. When the teacher looked at him, he said, “You’re here because you want to know what God’s Will is.” That’s exactly why Richard was fasting, though he told no-one.

The teacher went on to say, “God’s Word is God’s will. If you want to know what God’s will is, you have to learn God’s Word.” God had come through, as He always does. Richard had the direction he asked God for. 45 years later, Richard is still researching and teaching God’s Word to those who seek truth.

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