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Welcome to LiveFaith.TV!

You are important to God, more than you can ever imagine, and to us as well. We thank God for every person that visits this site. We are busy producing Word-centered content that we design to help you grow in faith, hope and love so you can be the person God wants you to be, and so you can fulfill God’s awesome upward calling in your life.

Hi, my name is Richard Allen Golko. I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of the realization of God in my life, and in the teaching of God’s perfect Word to others who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Much of my work is involved in Biblical research and teaching. I study the Scriptures using sound research guidelines that I also teach to others, to ensure we allow God’s Word to interpret itself to us. Join us in one of our research projects to increase your knowledge of how to research God’s Word accurately.

I encourage you to register on this site, partake in the free content available here, and join us in our effort to make God’s Word known to others. The rewards for learning God’s Word, applying it in your own life, and then sharing it with others will become plainly apparent to you as you simply continue, step by step, to become adept.

You can contact me using the Contact Page which is available from the top menu. I am here to help you in your spiritual growth. I encourage you to tell others about LiveFaith.TV and Live Faith Ministries so they too may grow in faith, hope and love.

Thank you for visiting!


February 1, 2021
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