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Focus: On How to Be and Do Church

New Course offered on the Faith Ignitor channel on YouTube!

Richard is presenting his course on “The Biblical Pattern of Being and Doing Church: Manifesting Christ’s Presence in this Word” every Saturday morning at 9 AM CST, until it is completed, on the LiveFaith.TV Faith Ignitor channel. The purpose of this course is to explore, from God’s Word itself, the apostolic pattern for ministry in our day and time.

The first session introduces the course and discusses why we, as believers, should meet together. Paul told the Corinthians that sometimes “your meetings are causing more harm than good.” Just meeting for the sake of meeting misses the entire purpose of why we meet together. This session shows the Biblical reasons God gives for meeting together regularly with other local saints.

You can view the first session here:

Session One: What is the Purpose of “Being and Doing Church?”

Everyone who wants to learn God’s pattern of being and doing church is invited to participate in this course. Your comments and feedback will be welcome as we continue this study.

Why This Course is Being Presented

There are basically two models through which believers “be and do church.” The most predominantly followed model is the “institutional model.” Akin to the “business model,” this system is defined by “official offices” which qualified people are appointed to. Those who fill these positions make up what is called “the clergy” while believers not in those positions are called “the laity.” The other model is the “organismal model”, which is based upon the body of Christ being a living organism with Christ as Head, and the members as it’s functional components.

This course is being presented to help you who believe in Christ Jesus to see the difference between these two models, and to weigh the benefits and restrictions of each. As a result, you will learn how to “be and do church” God’s way — that is, how to adopt the apostolic pattern set forth by Christ’s apostles. A session of this course is devoted to explaining and comparing these two models and the impact of each on the edification, or building up, of the church.

Where Two or Three are Gathered in My Name, There Am I in the Midst — Jesus

When we examine the Biblical record in Acts and in the Pauline epistles, we see that a “home church” pattern is followed throughout. This was not by accident, was not because the believers lacked funds to build buildings or to rent them, and not because they were too small for large congregations. Even though we read many times about the “multiplication” of the believers during the book of Acts, it wasn’t until late in the second century that the first “church buildings” were used.

Jesus said, “…where two or three gather in my name, there am I in the midst.” This is the foundation of a “home ecclessia”: Christ. Though spoken in the context of bringing accusations against a brother, the principle remains true — Jesus is wherever his people gather together “in the Lord,” that is, for the purpose of being and doing what God has made us to be and doing those things God has “before ordained that we should walk in them.”

Who Will Benefit from This Course

This course will be of benefit to anyone who wants to please God by following the pattern He endorsed for meeting with others. This includes “the unchurched,” as well as those currently in the institutionalized church who see and realize that the institutional model doesn’t measure up to Pauline standards. Anyone that wants to learn how to “be and do church” in alignment and harmony with the apostolic pattern will discover it through the Word of God presented in this course.

Those who lead in the body of Christ, no matter where they serve now, will find value in this course because it will show them how to best “grow believers” by providing the format in which they can exercise their God-given gifts for service to the body of Christ. Rather than “clergy” doing the work of the ministry, the saints themselves carry on the work, which enables the leaders tp lead more effectively.

About the Author

Richard Golko has studied the Word and fellowshipped with God’s people for over 45 years. His focus is on Biblical research and teaching, and his vision is to release believers into ministry, working side-by-side with them, to edify and mature the saints, and to build up the body of Christ.

You Are Invited to Participate in “The Biblical Pattern of Being and Doing Church”

Join Richard for “The Biblical Pattern of Being and Doing Church” every Saturday morning at 9 AM CST on the LiveFaith.TV Faith Ignitor channel. There is a playlist that lists all the sessions completed thus far. But Richard is offering more than the knowledge and wisdom imparted in this course. He wants you to be free of the Institutional Church so you can realize your place in the body of Christ and serve the gifts God has given to you. To learn more, get in touch with Richard through email at

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