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Focus: On How to Be and Do Church

Find out how to "be and do church" Christ's way, following the apostolic pattern seen in the book of Acts and in the Pauline epistles.

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New Course: The Unveiling (Revelation) of Jesus Christ

Sep 27,22by Richard

Richard is doing a new course live on his YouTube Faith Ignitor channel on the book called “The Unveiling of …

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How to Worship God His Way

The following chart shows the difference between worshipping God via the flesh, and worshipping God via the Spirit. Can you …

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Why Aaron Rogers Quit Christianity

Dec 2,21by Richard

Aaron Rogers quit Christianity because He could not believe the God of Love would torment anyone for eternity simply because …

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New Free Course: The Eonian Times at LiveFaith.TV

Richard at LiveFaith.TV is offering a brand new course on “The Eonian Times” in God’s Word. This course presents information …

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The Two Gospels

Sep 8,21by Richard

Not one, but two gospels were preached in the book of Acts. One was to the Circumcision, which consisted of …

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