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Aquitted! New Book on Justification by Richard

Justification: The Unrealized Grace that will Change Your Life

Christians are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus, but relatively few understand and comprehend the fullness of what Christ accomplished for them. If you are cloudy in your understanding of the doctrine of justification, this book is written for you.

Forgiveness requires guilt before it can be given. Prior to the advent of the current administration of God’s grace, that was all that was available. Forgiveness covers a person only until they sin again: then forgiveness is needed again. Justification goes beyond this.

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Most Christians believe that they receive forgiveness and remission of sins when they believe in Christ, but they also believe God will impute future sins they commit. They think they are forgiven the moment they believe, but that they in fact need to ask God for forgiveness every time they sin after they believe.

This frame of mind leaves the believer in an insecure position before God. Instead of believing what God has done for them and in them, they believe they are in a constant state of probation. Not confident in who God has made them to be in Christ, they cower before God and do works they think will appease Him.

What Justification Is

Justification is the judicial act whereby God makes s person “just.” He does this by reckoning the person righteous. 

I have a powerful verse of Scripture for you who doubt your own salvation. Let’s read it.

Romans 4:8, KJV: “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

This verse is in the context of God’s declaration that He justifies those who believe in Jesus by clothing them in His own righteousness. God will not impute sins to those He justifies!

Justification is an aquittal. It’s a “not guilt” verdict in God’s highest court. It goes way beyond forgiveness, because it is a one-time act that sets a person right in God’s eyes. Justification is permanent and is bestowed upon a person, it is not earned, not attained by personal means. It is the gift of God that issues in being presented before God blameless and holy by God’s own grace and power.

This book, “Aquitted! The Unrealized Grace that will Change Your Life” will help you realize your own justification through Christ’s sacrifice of himself for you.

Learn the full extent of what Christ accomplished for you. Read this book and get familiar with the Word of God it presents. Be your best for God and our Lord Jesus Christ by apprehending what God has made you to be.

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