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Announcing a New LiveFaith.TV Course: The Eonian Times

God's Plan Revealed

Richard is producing a new course for LiveFaith.TV called “The Eonian Times.” Virtually unknown to the Christian world at large, incorrect translations of a key Greek word group have hidden for centuries what you are about to learn.

The Eonian Times is a long period of time during which God is executing His plan to become All in all (I Corinthians 15:28). This long period of time is made up of 5 sequential “eons,” each with its own purpose in God’s plan. We are currently in the third “evil eon” which precedes Christ’s return to the earth.

Your knowledge of “The Eonian Times” will enable you to grasp the entire picture of God’s plan of salvation, from Genesis through the book of Revelation. God has shared details of His plan with us in order to give us hope in this present decaying, disintegrating world. Without this knowledge, you will never understand God’s plan and how He is going about to achieve it.

The first section of this course has been published and is available at LiveFaith.TV free of charge, here:

New sections will be released as produced, not less than one section per week until completed. The total number of sections is unknown at this time as it is currently in production.

This course is based upon the in-depth book, “God’s Purpose in Creation: The Consummation of All Things” which is also available from the LiveFaith.TV webste under the menu item, “Richards Books.” Richard publishes his books for free distribution to help as many people as possible.

To learn more about Live Faith Ministries, Richard and this course, visit https://LiveFaith.TV.

August 21, 2021
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