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Biblical Research

Live Faith TV's Biblical Research Team is a group of people working together to better understand God's Word and present it clearly to anyone who wants to know. Participation is open to anyone who agrees to abide by the team's guidelines which have been developed to help the work maximize the quality of its research and increase the productivity of the group. 

We realize there are many others endeavoring to do the same things and we applaud their efforts and invite them in on this project as well. There is so much ground to cover in Biblical research that a thousand more dedicated groups would still have a challenge to complete the work. Therefore we are adding our efforts to the cause and invite interaction with everyone interested and already involved.

Our Timeline Presentation

Our goal is to plot everything we find on a linear timeline stretching from "Ages Past" to "The Consummation of the Ages."  If you aren't familiar with those terms, you'll learn on the way. We will produce a timeline with "drill down" points all along and surrounding it. Knowledge will be presented in "layers" so people aren't bogged down with too much at once. Simple truths will be presented on the surface, but viewers will be able to drill down to deeper layers that uncover deeper truths. 

It's too early to present the timeline yet, so join our team and help us develop it. The more people we get involved, the quicker the work will proceed. We realize the work will never be complete because God's Word itself is inexhaustible, but we will work as quickly and thoroughly as possible to present the accurate Word of God in as much of its entirety as we can. 

If you're interested in helping out in any area let us know.  Send an email to: Biblical Research Team Inquiries today.


Interested in Biblical Research?

Live Faith TV's Biblical Research Team

Are you interested in Biblical Research? If so, we invite you to join Live Faith TV's Biblical Research Team.

If you have prior experience, that's great but none is required. We have lots of things that need to be done and as long as you can read, type and have basic computer skills, you can help. If you know nothing about Greek, Hebrew or Biblical research principles, we can still use your help. Depending upon how much you want to get involved, you may end up learning some of those things too!  If you are already familiar -- or better yet --  are an expert in the Biblical languages, then fine! We can use all the expertise you can contribute.  But beginners are more than welcome, even if you have no desire to learn any other language.

A typical Biblical Research project might follow the lines of this example project to research "love" in the New Testament.

  1. Discover what main words are used in the New Testament that are translated "love"
  2. Study each verse in the Bible that uses each of those main words
  3. Study the etymology (word-origin) of each major word
  4. Consider related words to add context and contrast
  5. Study secular writings that date back to the first century to see how those words were used then
  6. Consider writings of others regarding this subject
  7. Write conclusions for how each major word is used
  8. Write a summary of how the words relate to each other
  9. Prepare online presentations to share the material with others
  10. Produce videos of the content for mass consumption on YouTube, Viimeo and other channels.

As you can see, much work goes into studying just one word group. We'll guide you on how to accomplish whatever tasks we ask you to participate in. Some tasks require more than one person and you'll work together with others in those tasks. We need people to find data, enter data others find, analyze information and document our findings. We need people who have writing and graphic arts skills. We need people who can produce simple online videos.  You name it, we can accommodate it. We want this to be the most accurate and most interesting source of Biblical knowledge on the Internet.

If you want to get involved and are willing to abide by our written guidelines, we invite you to join our Live Faith TV Biblical Research Team today. Send me an email expressing your desire and we'll get back to you right away.  Send your request here: Live Faith TV Biblical Research Team Enquires.

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